My Thoroughly Biased Halloween K-Pop Playlist

So, Halloween is a pretty big deal at my house. With siblings and nieces and nephews and parents and friends and friends of friends coming over at all hours of the night, it makes for one busy holiday!

Hongbin Voodoo Doll 2

It takes weeks of preparation, with this final week being the busiest! Hence, my lack of posting.

But you are in luck, my dear readers. For in my frenzy of Halloween preparation, I have created a YouTube Playlist of my favorite K-Pop Halloween-themed songs!

4Minute WYN Halloween 1

I will definitely be playing this list on loop tomorrow night, because I love these songs and I want my party guests to know it. 🙂

Besides, what’s the point of a 60″ TV with surround-sound if you can’t play VIXX videos on it? Hard-hitting, important question, I know.

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Now, I know this list is incomplete, and if you know of any songs you think I should add then let me know! But, these are my go-to songs for now. Most of these groups are, of course, my bias groups, but I tried to be as impartial as I could be.

I chose these songs based on the music video’s theme, on group concepts, on song lyrics, or merely on the overall creepy feel of them.

For example, EXO’s Growl is not a scary video or song or concept or anything, but the word “growl” is Halloween-y enough for me to include it. Yes, there is a learning curve to understanding my logic. 🙂

EXO Growl 2nd version 1

So, here are some highlights of my playlist:

BtoB – Thriller

Totally underrated song, and oh my gosh they look so hot in this!

Lee Jung Hyun – V

The weirdness factor is off the charts in this video! But the song is catchy and I am beyond in love with the dancers’ outfits at 3:28.

Cross Gene – Billion Dolla

Because if there is indeed a zombie apocalypse, I’d want to dance to my death with these boys.

LYn & Leo – Blossom Tears

If you haven’t seen this MV, I won’t spoil it for you. Let’s just say, it’s creepy as all hell.

And here’s the full playlist if you’d like to use it for your Halloween festivities.

Whatcha think? Do you like my choices? Am I missing your favorite? Let me know below!

Will you be doing it big for Halloween this year? What’s your costume gonna be? Will it be K-Pop themed? I’m doing f(x) Red Light makeup! I’d love to know what you have planned.

f(x) Red Light screencap 1d

Have a safe and sane Halloween!