The Daily Squee – VIXX Errored Dance Practice

Aagh! Woke up to the cutest, funniest video. I just have to squee about it!

My six beautiful dorks gifted their Starlights with another dance practice video for Error, but this one is not quite right. And that’s what makes it utterly perfect!

There is nothing better than seeing VIXX enjoying themselves and looking happy. Isn’t that really what we want for all our idols? I’m just so happy VIXX always lets us in on the fun!

Oh my gawd! Seeing Leo being cute and joining in on the action is enough to melt the coldest heart!

VIXX Errored 4

And, oh my gosh, Ravi’s smile is so beautiful!

And Ken with his constant flirting!

VIXX Errored 2

And N with his adorable smile when Leo pushes him!

VIXX Errored 1

And Hyuk and Hongbin pretending to be Leo and Ken!

VIXX Errored 3

The adorable is killing me!

Thank you, VIXX, for being so wonderful to your Starlights!

Oh, and here is the Lip and Dance Version of Error, in case you missed it. Or if you want to see it again! I’m always up for watching VIXX more than once.