The Daily Squee: GOT7 “Stop Stop It”

Oh my gosh! I’ve been M.I.A. for awhile now, but not because I’ve been away from my K-Pop loves. On the contrary. I’ve actually been fully immersed in so much K-Pop goodness that I couldn’t come up for air!

Aagh! Why must these boys do this to me? Who allowed them to attack me all at once?

I feel like curling up into fetal position and rocking back and forth in a corner of a dark room somewhere. Oh, the feels!

The biggest culprits? These evil ones!

GOT7 Stop Stop It Dance 2

GOT7 came back almost two weeks ago with an ear worm of a song called “Stop Stop It” and that’s basically what I’ve been screeching from the roof tops: Stop, stop it, GOT7! You’re killing me here!

“Stop Stop It” is straight off GOT7’s first full-length album titled Identify, and just so you know, the entire CD is so good! I really love every song, since each one showcases their shining vocals so well. JB and Youngjae are especially stellar. But then there’s also Mark’s low-toned raps. Sighhhhhhhhh

Now, if the idea of a full studio album isn’t enough to kill a fangirl, they went and released two different versions–one with regular pictures, and one with close-up pictures! Who does that?!


20141128_192311Ugh! So, of course I had to buy both!

Anyway, back to the song…

“Stop Stop It” is such a groovy, early 90s-style jam. It reminds me of the music of my youth, with the classic vocoder chorus and easy R&B swagger. And JYP Entertainment did IGOT7 justice with the expert way they released the videos.

First, the official, original MV:

This video has a plot and explores the words of the song, while teasing us with just a taste of GOT7’s endless charms. But it also tortures me with those ugly pants/overalls I’d like to forget exist.

I think the overalls hinder the choreography. It looks like a great dance but you can’t really get the full feel of it because of the baggy outfits.

So, then they released a second video! The dance version of the official MV.

Now this video allows me to fall in love with the choreography! But it still has those beautiful boys in those gawd-awful overalls.

So, then video number three came to the rescue!

Oh. My. Word. Now this, this, THIS! This is what I was waiting for!! YES!!!!!!

The boys in the most perfect of boy outfits. White button-down shirts and tight black jeans. Tell me that isn’t the greatest outfit known to males! GOT7 could wear this daily and I’d be ridiculously happy.

Everything about this dance practice video is fantastic! Because of the form-fitting clothes, I can actually see the entire choreography. As a dance fan, I appreciate that. And as a fangirl, I REALLY appreciate that. Muscles and tummies and…yeah. Good stuff.

So, there I was being content with my lovely dance practice video and letting my guard down because I thought JYP Entertainment was done trying to kill me.

Well, that was a big NOPE!

This morning I woke up to video number four!


I was doing fine! Why did they have to release a Crazy Boyfriend dance practice version? In street clothes? And why did they have to act all flirty and cute? Ugh!!!!!

GOT7 has me rolling on the floor, begging for them to stop. But they also have me endlessly grateful for their existence. I would be worse off in my severe VIXX post-concert depression if it weren’t for JB and company.

Thanks for the squees, GOT7!

And now I’m off to go watch that first dance practice video again.

GOT7 Hajima Practice

You know, for the art of the choreography. Yeah, that’s it.