Noona Killer of the Week: Shownu

First off, hello! It’s been way too long. This Christmas thing just has to go away so I can have time to properly fangirl again! Who’s with me?

Anyway, today I found something. Actually, I’ve known about this for a while, but I’d been trying to avoid these boys. Why? Because I don’t need another bias!

But I just can’t resist anymore!

Starship Entertainment’s trainees. Why must I fall for them?! It will only lead to heartache. But I just had to!

Especially after watching the following performance, and spotting a new love of my life.

Yes, I may be highly dramatic but it’s true! I found someone and I think he’s just the dreamiest!

Did you spot him? The manly-shoulders-and-chest one with the amazing dance skills?

This one, top center?

Shownu suit and tie

Aagh! His stage name is Shownu and he was once a trainee with JYP Entertainment. He could have debuted with JB and Jr. of GOT7, but he left before that. Oh, the possibilities!

But it’s okay, because he’s on the new reality show on Mnet called “No Mercy.”

Shownu teaser 2

The show follows 12 trainees, 6 of which will debut in a new hip hop boy group. It’s a competition show, which I hate because I always fall for every one of the boys, only to be sad when all of them aren’t chosen.

No mercy reality show members

If Shownu doesn’t get chosen, I’m throwing things! Shouldn’t he have already debuted with Starship Entertainment’s NUBOYZ? I mean, part of his name is IN the group name! I don’t understand why these boys have to prove themselves again on this “No Mercy” reality show. It would be heart-wrenching if all four don’t get chosen.

Come on! Look at him! How can he not be chosen?!

His speaking voice is so deep. And his singing voice is so pure.

And he dances like a monster. Oh my gosh! This compilation of his main dancer duties with my queen Lee Hyori is so great! And the shirtless thing is just an added bonus.

I am so gone over this boy! And he’s 23! Yes! Someone who’s not a total baby! Shownu is definitely worthy of being my Noona Killer of the Week!

What do you think of Shownu? Are you gonna watch “No Mercy” or are you, like me, too soft-hearted to watch the boys cry and be heartbroken? Do you have another favorite boy, other than Shownu? Let me know!

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