Quick Appreciation Post: Christmas songs

Christmas. Ugh!!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of Christmas: winter wonderland, festive lights, beautiful tree, glad tidings and good will toward mankind and all that.

Frosty and Santa

But the reality of Christmas leaves a whole lot to be desired! Stressful shopping, angry drivers, spending way more than you want to on gifts, people being rude rather than charitable. Aagh! Makes a person just want to forget all about this “magical” time of year!

christmas stress

So, how does someone like me capture the Christmas magic? Christmas songs, of course!

Caroling-KidsOne of the only things that can thaw my frosty heart this time of year is Christmas music.

I love a good Christmas song: old classics like “Jingle Bells” or newer classics like ‘NSync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” (which GOT7 NEEDS to cover, right?). Or check out my “What I’m Listening To” widget to hear some of my very favorite K-Pop Christmas tunes (sorry, only available during the holidays!)!

Christmas songs put me in such a festive mood. After a few good songs, I’m ready to deck the halls with holly, roast some chestnuts, and rock around the Christmas tree!

And sweater-clad boys singing Christmas songs put me in an even better mood!

Teen top snow kiss 1

Let’s see what we’ve been gifted with so far this season, shall we?

DSP Friends – White Letter

Kanto (featuring As One) – Before the Snow

Crayon Pop, K-Much, Bob Girls, Zan-Zan – Love Christmas

The VIBE Family – Lonely Christmas

Starship Planet – Love is You

And my two favorites so far, because of all the boys and all the sweaters:

BTOB – You Can Cry

TEEN TOP – Snow Kiss

So, what gets you in the holiday mood? Did you find a new Christmas treasure in one of these songs? Do you have any favorite K-Pop Christmas songs? Let me know below!