Song of the Week: HIGH4 – Day By Day

high4 day by day 4Oh Em Geeeeeeee! HIGH4 is back with a super amazing song!

Have you heard it?

It’s called “Day By Day” and it’s a gorgeous R&B, hip hop slow jam that squeezes the tears out of you. Aagh! It’s a simple beat, but the vocals are absolutely magical! It just has to be my very first Song of the Week for 2015!

high4 day by day group

Leader SungGu’s smooth voice melts me.

high4 day by day sunggu 3

Myunghan’s high notes are perfection.

high4 day by day Myunghan

And then Alex and his adorable “Girl, I just wanna touch, feel, love…again.” Eep!

high4 day by day Alex

But the star of the show for me is maknae Youngjun. Both of his solo rap parts are on point!

high4 day by day Youngjun

The video is simple, shot in black & white–with white, ordinary objects against a dark backdrop–but it serves the song well.

high4 day by day 2

The starkness of the video conveys the heartbreak of the words in the song, increasing the song’s power and emotional impact.

high4 day by day 3

And SungGu’s beautiful, tear-streaked face helps with that too. Sob.

high4 day by day sunggu tears

Oh my gosh. And so off topic, but I NEED this jacket in my life. Preferably with the boy in it too. 🙂

high4 day by day Sunggu 2

I’m so excited for these boys and this group. I’ve loved everything they’ve released so far. All very different–bittersweet with IU, jazzy with Lim Kim, retro-pop with “Headache”, and now R&B–but every song is unmistakably HIGH4. They’ve already changed my life with their vocals and they’re still just a rookie group!

Giveaway Time!!!!

I want to support this amazing group, so I figured the best way to do that is to give away their music! I’d like to gift 10 U.S. readers with their new single “Day By Day” on iTunes!

Would you like to win their song? Leave a comment or tweet me (you are following me, right?)! I’ll pick the first ten people who respond.

So, tell me, what do you think of HIGH4? Have you been hit by them yet, like I have? Let me know below!

1 thought on “Song of the Week: HIGH4 – Day By Day”

  1. Oh my gosh! I can’t listen to this song without feeling like my heart is shattering. It’s so beautiful! There’s something to be said for Alex’s deep voice, combined with the harmonies of Sung Gu and Myung Han… It’s such a lethal combination! It kills me and gives me life all at the same time. And Young Jun… Where do I even begin? He’s perfection in this video. Absolute perfection. *sigh*

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