Song of the Week: Legend – Trace

Legend Trace

Ugh. I didn’t think I was gonna survive! Legend teased me for a week with news of their comeback. Pictures of each member were released at a snail’s pace, one a day for the week leading up to today.

All day today, I waited in anticipation for the release of the music video. I kept watching YouTube, refreshing it every few minutes, just in case the video was released.

And finally! It’s here!

Legend has impressed me to no end with every song they’ve released so far, and they only debuted in July 2014!

When they said this next song would be a ballad, I was so excited to get the chance to really hear their beautiful voices. And this song does not disappoint!

Legend Lito 2

Trace is Legend’s comeback single and it’s absolutely stunning. The song is gorgeous and the video is heart-wrenching! Nothing sadder than seeing beautiful boys crying their hearts out over lost love.

And my bias, Lito, looks absolutely gorgeous in this video. Oh dear. The sweater. The jacket! The hair! The angst!!!!

All of the members are gorgeous though. Not just Lito.

Changsun, whose voice is as flawless as his face:

Legend Changsun

Roi, who kills with those cheekbones:

Legend Roi

Leader Listen, whose voice is perfection! If you need more proof, watch him sing karaoke on this or in the required-by-every-idol cover of Eyes, Nose, Lips (the last 30 seconds are spine-tingling!):

Legend Listen 2

And the amazing JaeHyuk, whose accent when he speaks English is absolutely the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard!

Legend JaeHyuk

This song is so beautiful! I’m ridiculously happy with this comeback and I look forward to many more comebacks from this talented group.

Are you as excited about this song and video as I am? Is Legend on your radar now? Let me know below!