TEEN TOP is Coming to LA!

It’s less than two weeks away!

What, you ask?

TEEN TOP’s My Dear Angels on April 11th! At the Orpheum Theater! In THE City of Angels–Los Angeles, California! My hometown!


Five super amazing fans, called Team Angel, took it upon themselves to plan a fan meeting here in the states for TEEN TOP. It’s actually their first fanmeet ever in America!

A fanmeet is slightly different from a concert in that a fanmeet has less performances than a concert, but much more interaction with fans. As well as a fansign for the lucky VVIPs, there’s a hi-touch, a mini-concert, games, and a question-and-answer segment.

And then everyone goes away happy and in love. How can you not when it’s TEEN TOP?

I love TEEN TOP so I was thrilled to find out the event would be held in my city. TEEN TOP has shown a lot of love to LA in the past, what with back-to-back KCon performances and their own High Kick Tour last year. So, I wouldn’t miss this fanmeet for the world!

Do you have your tickets yet? If you don’t, you can still get them.  You can find all the information here.

VVIP tickets are sold out, but you can still get great seats with some great benefits.

VIP (which comes with a guaranteed hi-touch) and Angel 1 level tickets can be purchased by calling this number: 855-534-4544, until March 31st. Starting April 1st, these tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

Angel 2 and 3 level tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster now.

I got my tickets already and I am beyond excited for the hi-touch! Eep! I’m gonna be up close to my baby boy bias, Changjo! He’s so darling!

Speaking of Changjo, here he is now:

Oh my gosh! He wants to eat delicious foods while he’s here! Ahh, how can you not love this kid?!

Do you know how you can help him eat delicious foods? By donating to a very worthy cause: taking care of TEEN TOP!

Cr: Take Care of Teen Top page at http://www.youcaring.com

Team Angel has teamed with Angel United to share hosting duties for TEEN TOP’s visit. They will be providing hotel accommodations, transportation, and meals to the boys during their stay in LA. But they need our help with funding all of this for the boys.

If you would like to help, you can donate here!

I’m not affiliated with either of these groups in any way. I just think it would be nice to be a part of helping these boys have a memorable and exciting visit.

So, will I see you at the My Dear Angels fan meeting? I’ll be the one on the floor after I hi-touch Changjo. Just kidding. I probably won’t even make it as far as touching him before I faint.

Anyway, get your tickets because you won’t want to miss this event! And thank you Team Angel for making this happen!

Let me know if you’re going or if you’ll be donating. And follow this blog. Coming soon I’ll have a contest for you to win some great TEEN TOP merch!

Hope to see you April 11th!