Song of the Week: MONSTA X – Trespass

Okay. I’m calling it now. Today. Right here. Right this minute.

MONSTA X is and will be my favorite debut this year.

Monsta X group and logo

Hands down!

Monsta X letters Trespass

I have been waiting for them to debut ever since their brutal survival show “NO.MERCY” ended. I watched that show from the very first episode and cried with every elimination. Only to wait for the seven survivors to show the world just how amazing they are.

And now they have! They are here. MONSTA X has debuted!

After all the waiting and anticipation, of course I had to make “Trespass” my Song of the Week!

This song is everything! Such a tune! What a way to come out of the gates!

Monsta X group Trespass 2

MONSTA X (that name is really not that bad anymore) just kills it! The song is a thumper–hard-hitting and raw. The vocals are so good (Kihyun is a powerhouse) and the rapping is better than your average idol group.

And the video is great. It’s everything I needed it to be. Reminiscent of other hip hop-focused idol groups, with the jail theme, and the guns, and the requisite black and white clothes, but it works.

Monsta X group Trespass

It’s done almost like a nod to the other groups, without being a diss. And it’s cheesy fun too. Who doesn’t like a group of guys dancing, running around, and mugging for the camera during a jail break?

Trespass 1

My favorite part of the MV is Shownu. Having just been named the leader of MONSTA X, he shines in this video. His lovely voice is showcased in many parts of the song, and his fabulous dancing is featured throughout the video.

Shownu Trespass 1

There’s a great part where he dances a solo and he’s wearing vibrant blue and his shirt is so shiny and his hair is so dark and his dancing is so pretty…and it’s all so beautiful. Sighhhhhhhhh.

Shownu Trespass 2

But that’s not to take anything away from the other boys. All of them are on brilliant display in both the video and the song. And it makes me so happy! Aagh! My boys!

I do have one minor, insignificant complaint though. Specifically, there’s not enough I.M!  I need me some more I.M in both the song and the video. He’s such a talent and his deep voice and low tone is mesmerizing and ridiculously pleasing to my ears. I just love his voice! Of course, I’m slightly biased. Since he is my bias and all (and you probably thought it was Shownu, didn’t you?).

IM Trespass 2

But other than that, both the song and MV serve as great introductions to a group I hope has all the success in the world. It was fun (though heart-wrenching) to follow their path towards debut and it is going to be a blast to watch them grow in the industry. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them. I will be cheering them on all the way.

MonstaX logo

What did you think of this debut? Does it make you want to follow MONSTA X? Let me know!

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