Attack of the Rookies: 2015 Edition

I love discovering new groups. I like to be in on the ground floor, learning all the boys’ names and being one of the first to hear their new music. Last year was a crazy year of discovery for me, as I think I ended up adding at least four new groups to my bias group list!

Because there were so many new groups last year, I had to purposely ignore some of them just because I had no time for them all! But this year has been slower, so I’ve had a chance to revisit some of these rookies.

Shall we see who I’ve been getting into lately?


Hotshot promo

I knew about these boys right before they debuted in October 2014, as everyone was talking about Kai’s and Taemin’s friend, former SM trainee Moonkyu, debuting. Well, this was the group, and Moonkyu now goes by Timoteo.

Take a Shot” was their debut single and I loved it, but was unable to talk about it on here when it originally came out (darn you, busy life!).

Now they have a newer single out, which is smoother and slicker than their debut, but it still packs a punch. It’s called “Watch Out” and it solidifies HOTSHOT’s spot on my “Favorite Rookies of 2014” list.


UNIQ official

So, UNIQ was another group that debuted in October 2014 that I had to bypass for sanity’s sake (curse you, crazy month!). This 5-member Chinese-Korean group debuted with the sweetest, cutest, school-boy first-love song called “Falling in Love” last year. The video was darling, and showcased each boys’ good looks and adorable talents.

Then came April 2015…and “EOEO.” Wow. My jaw dropped down to the floor. I flopped around like a dying fish, never to recover. And I’ve replayed the practice video about 5 kajillion times.

Where did those cute, little boys go? They’ve come back as total noona killers, that’s what. Yikes! And yay! Can’t wait to see what they do next!


Madtown official photo

Now, I was intrigued by this group before debut because of teaser photos I had seen of each boy. I even thought I had a solid bias already picked out (I see you, Lee Geon).

Then they debuted in October 2014. Yet another October debut. What is it with that month?! I couldn’t devote any time to them, so I had to relinquish them from my rookie list.

And also, I was a music snob and couldn’t bring myself to like anything called “YOLO” which was the name of their debut single. Yes, I admit it. Come on, it’s still kind of cringey. Right? Anyone?

Anyway, fast forward to a long and boring winter of very little good music, and I went back to give “YOLO” another chance. And you know what? It’s ridiculously catchy! Now I still find myself humming it while doing meaningless chores and such. It’s a tune!

Then March 2015 happened and so did my new-found love for MADTOWN. Their current single “New World” was released and oh my gosh! I fell in love!!!!! Not just with the song, but with each member! Ugh. Another 7-member group in which I find it crazy difficult to pick a bias. They’re all so adorable! I live a hard fangirl life.


Monsta X official

This year has been pretty lean in the rookie boy group department. In fact, I can count new boy groups on one hand!

One of those groups is already on my bias list, threatening to take a Top 10 position after only one single. Yup, that group is MONSTA X.

Now, if you’ve read me, you know how crazy I am about these boys.

And if you haven’t read me, see here and here and here for my uncontrollable squeeing. Sorry in advance. 🙂

MONSTA X are a seven-member group from Starship Entertainment and they just released their debut single “Trespass” last week. I can’t wait to see their popularity rise. They hold a special place in my heart.


Romeo official

Okay, so these boys are babies! They range in age from 15 (!) to 20! One is a 99-liner. What?! How is he even out of diapers?

But they intrigue me. Why? Because they could be Infinite’s and Boyfriend’s little brothers. They remind me so much of early eras of both Infinite and Boyfriend. They’re super cute and fresh-faced like Boyfriend, but their dancing, concept and costumes scream “Come Back Again” era Infinite.

And yes, I’ve heard the talk of copying and stealing from Infinite, but I don’t pay any mind to it. I’m the hugest Inspirit there is, and Romeo’s “homage” doesn’t offend me so much as make me feel nostalgic for young Infinite.

Their debut song “Lovesick”, released just two weeks ago, sounds like a throwback to early Infinite or Boyfriend, complete with a late ’80s freestyle, old-school disco keyboard sound. It’s as if one of these groups could have recorded it for debut, but instead gave it to Romeo to record themselves.

I think these boys are cute, and I’m curious to see if their next single will be another homage, or if they will branch out into new territory. Time will tell.

Are there any rookies who have caught your attention? Are you still keeping up with other rookies from last year like I am, such as HIGH4, Legend, and HALO? Have one of these groups become your favorite, or at least destroyed your bias list? Let me know!