Top 5: BTS Dances

Hello, lovely readers! How have you all been? I’ve been a busy bee, but I’m back to squee over my favorite boys!

BTS just released the dance version MV to their adorably pretty Japanese single, “For You”, and I am one happy mama!

If you haven’t yet heard it, “For You” is gorgeous, and the original MV that accompanied it is just about the cutest thing you will ever see! I defy you not to cry.

Here are some cute screen caps just because I love you all.

Anyway, between this new dance version of their latest Japanese single,

for you dance mv 2

their recent 2nd anniversary since debut (ahh, June 13, 2013 was a beautiful day in my fangirl history),


and the teaser pictures for their next comeback single, Sick, being slowly revealed to us,

J-Hope Sick comeback teaser

I have been thoroughly Bangtan-ed for the last few weeks! Oh, the feels! I didn’t think I could love anything more this year than I loved the “I Need U” MV, which BTS won four music show awards for, but I think “Sick” might just do it!

“Sick” is my favorite song on their current mini-album (right after the Outro, of course) and I dreamed, hoped, and wished for choreo for it. Now we’ll have it! BTS is releasing it within the next two weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited!

And from what I’ve seen of the choreo, it’s gonna be freaking awesome! (to paraphrase the “Sick” lyrics)

In the two years since their debut, BTS has had some amazing choreography, and I think “Sick” will be among some of the best.

But before we are blessed by “Sick”, let’s go back and revisit some of their best choreography. Here is a countdown of my Top 5 Favorite BTS Dance Routines! Will your favorites be among them?

5. For You

This is simple choreography for them, but what makes me love it so much is the beauty. Yes, it has the standard BTS intricate line changes, and interesting formations, but it also has something new: softness. Even in their lovelier, slower routines such as “I Need U” and “Just One Day,” BTS didn’t show as much vulnerability as they do in “For You.” Their sweeping arms and ballet spins are a thing of beauty.

4. War of Hormone

Okay. This one is a total guilty pleasure for me. It’s just plain sexy and fun. Flirty and playful, this routine makes me smile from start to finish. The pictures they paint, the facials they make, and the way Jungkook effortlessly carries Suga all make this routine one you should watch on repeat. Every boy is so charming, but the maknae line (Jimin, V, and Jungkook) especially kill the performance.

3. Danger

The boys of BTS have even said this themselves, “Danger” is by far their most difficult routine. You can’t really grasp the physicality of the entire dance until you watch their dance practice. They are constantly moving! Line switches, sharp movement, impressive footwork, tight synchronization–this routine has it all! I’m amazed they can breathe after this performance.

2. We are Bulletproof, pt. 2

This routine is a sentimental favorite because this is the one that made me fall in love with BTS. It was their debut performance, and I was mesmerized at first sight. It took me almost a year to realize that Jungkook didn’t really catch the cap from Jimin (yes, I’m slow to catch on to things) but that just means the movement was seamless. This dance is hard-hitting and powerful, and exactly what I need in my K-Pop.

1. Tomorrow

No, this song was not a single, but it is one of my top 5 favorite BTS songs, and one of my favorite songs of all time. The choreo has only been done in concert, but it’s a magnificent sight to behold. The body rolls and staccato movements are breathtaking. And the slow and sultry body waves are the sexiest moves BTS has ever graced us with. If I could only choose one group and one dance to watch for the rest of my fangirl life, this would be it.

Special mention: Intro Performance Trailer

This routine can’t go unmentioned. Even though they aren’t dancing to their own music, this performance is a standout and truly showcases everything I love about BTS’ choreography. It’s powerful, intricate, synchronized, and masculine. The dancer line (J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook) is highlighted well, they have intricate maneuvers (Jimin as a weapon is beastly!), and boys in white are just ideal. And the uniforms are a fantastic bonus!

So, now it’s your turn. Let me know what your favorite BTS routines are. Did I miss one of your favorites? Did I get your Top 5 spot on? I wanna hear from you, so don’t be shy!