Quick Appreciation Post: BTS – Dope (Sick)

“Dope” (also translated as “Sick”) is Bangtan’s follow-up single to the popular “I Need U”, and it’s such a great song! One of my favorites off the mini-album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, pt. 1, “Dope” is just sexy, slinky and fun.

But do you know what’s even better than the awesome song? The flippin fantastic MV!

Oh my goodness! So much to talk about! The outfits! The dancing! The hair! Aaagh!

First off, the sets are minimalistic, merely hinting at most of the occupations the boys convey in their costuming, but that’s okay because the MV is not really about the settings. The MV is about the boys.

Each boy wears a different outfit to represent workers in all walks of life. There is a doctor (Jin), a police officer (Jungkook), a detective (V), a race car driver (J-Hope), a military officer (Suga), an office worker (Jimin), and a bell man or porter (Rap Monster).

They all look so amazing! Maknae needs to wear that uniform daily. And I would always pretend to be sick if Jin were my doctor! And if Jimin worked in my office, I would pay my employer to let me work there! I do question J-Hope’s costume though, since it looks a little confining as he dances. That boy should never have restrictions on his dancing!

Oh, and the hair! Suga is a blond! RapMon’s is short! Jungkook is purple! Jimin is candy-apple red! How gorgeous can one group get?!

Finally, oh my gosh, the dancing!!! The choreography is some of my favorite they have ever done! I knew it would be, since the song was just begging for great choreo. It’s playful and sexy and intricate and makes you want to get up and learn it immediately!

I know a lot of the routine after watching it on repeat (I won’t confess how many times) but I will never look as good as BTS does when dancing. They have such sexy swagger and confidence when they dance and their synchronization is top notch.

But MVP for this MV has to be Jungkook, who has a constant glint in his eyes when he dances and has a knack for always finding the camera and flirting with the lens. Yes, I notice (and I may have screen captured the heck out of his scenes). He just knows how to play to the camera.

Everything just works! The concept of the MV is a play on the lyrics of the song. In the song, the boys are always working, never resting, while everyone else is out partying. They spend their youth working towards the future, because they know that their hard work will pay off in the end. They will be better than everyone else and reap the rewards of all the hard work. It’s a beautiful image and makes my heart swell with pride that these boys are finally being recognized for all the hard work they have put into their careers.

As great as the concept, costuming, and choreo is, this music video truly is a success because it showcases the best thing about Bangtan–their charisma. They are consummate performers and entertainers, and it shows in this MV.

In their short two years of activity, I would safely say that BTS has already surpassed most groups with their quality of music, their talent in singing and rap, and their expert choreography and routines, not to mention their noona-killer looks. They are just everything I want in a favorite group.

I wish for continued success for these boys. They are so talented and it’s nice that more people are noticing it. I hope they win all the awards for “Dope.”

What do you think of the video for “Dope”? Is it everything you expected? Is the dancing dope? Do you have a favorite move? Who wears your favorite outfit? Does the song make you want to dance and throw your back out from excessive body rolls? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

1 thought on “Quick Appreciation Post: BTS – Dope (Sick)”

  1. There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how much I love this song & this video. It’s everything a great MV should be. The minimal sets and camera switches work together to perfectly showcase the one thing this video is about… THE BOYS! Dressed in such eye-catching costumes, you can’t miss them which is exactly the point. All the hard work they’re singing about is right there, just begging to be appreciated. The choreo is nothing short of perfection and as one who knows nothing of dance, I merely sit in awe as I watch these boys pull off footwork that would have me sprawled on the floor faster than if I ran up the stairs with my shoelaces tied together. Good thing there’s a doctor in the house! 😉 I wanna kiss the stylists responsible for the boys’ hair, especially Jimin’s. Oh dear gracious! How can one boy attain that level of glorious perfection so effortlessly? As much as I love the costumes, I prefer the boys dancing in the shirt & tie combo more than their “professional” garb. Like you said, Hobie is too restricted in his racer outfit and well, there’s just something magical about boys dressed in a simple pair of black dress pants & a white button-down shirt. *sigh* I too wish nothing but the best for these boys as they continue to pour their hearts and souls into their work. They are a group to be admired as much as loved and wish them all the good, happy and lovely in the world.

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