A Most Beautiful Moment in Life: BTS’ TRB in LA – pt. 2 AND a Giveaway!

When last we checked in on BTS and their systematic plan to destroy my fangirl life, the rapper line had just finished slaying the entire 3,000 plus crowd at Club Nokia with an intense performance of “Cypher, pt. 3.”

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In the afterglow of “Cypher, pt. 3,” we couldn’t even catch a breath before the familiar strain of “Cypher, pt. 2”  began. But they tricked us, those crazy kids. As J-Hope sing-songed “nugu ttaemune” over and over, it led not to “Cypher, pt. 2” but to “War of Hormone,” to which the other four boys tumbled onto the stage. And I clutched onto that 4-foot wall in front of me for dear life! Aagh! I love “War of Hormone” choreography! I had to force myself not to do the routine with the boys because I know it so well! Actually, I think I did do the choreo. Sorry, people behind me!

After the slayage that was “War of Hormone,” the boys continued their fangirl mass murder spree by giving us “Danger,” “I Need U,” and “Boy in Luv” in quick succession. I couldn’t breathe, talk, or blink while those songs were performed. “Danger” choreo is always great to witness, and those boys put their all into it every time. I think I may have done that choreo too. Sorry again, people behind me!

“Boy in Luv” brought back so many memories of when my bias was V, and then it changed to Jin because he looked so good as a “bad” boy, but then it changed back to V because I couldn’t resist his hair color. And that was all in the span of the “Boy in Luv” MV! Yeah, I couldn’t seem to keep a steady BTS bias back then.

And I wish I could re-do “I Need U” because I had the strangest reaction to it while they performed. You know that feeling when you anticipate something so much that you can’t even really enjoy when it’s happening? That was me. Throughout the song, I was only anxious that it was going to end, so I couldn’t enjoy being in the present with it. Ugh. I regret that.

Well, before I knew it, the boys were gone, the stage lights dimmed and we were finally given the opportunity to catch our breath. But instead, we sang and chanted “B-T-S! B-T-S!” The whole venue! I could tell everyone was feeling the same thing I was: we didn’t want this night to end. Luckily, the boys weren’t finished yet.

If the previous part of the evening didn’t already overwhelm me with emotions, the VCR that played before the encore was designed to make sure I wouldn’t make it through this concert without a few more tears. And, boy, I was not prepared for the onslaught.

Darn you, Bangtan! How could you show us video of you pre-debut?! Why did I need to see this?! And the captions about the hard work and pain and long hours you devoted to your craft, aagh! Way to bring on the waterworks! It was so beautiful and heart-warming and it tugged at every last heart string.

The VCR ended and then the boys came out one final time, for their encore. They started with the emotional “Road/Path.” The tears rolled during the VCR, but they poured during this song. BTS has a way of making heart-wrenching but inspirational music, and this song is the epitome of that talent. The toil and turmoil of being trainees juxtaposed with the optimism of boys seeing the hopeful future that debuting will provide, as they all stand together, seven as one. It was haunting and beautiful and such an honor to hear live. The best part was the hush of the audience. I could tell everyone in the room was as enthralled as I was.

It could have ended there, on that heart-wrenching, heart-warming note, but it didn’t. Instead, the boys gave us the most energetic encore we could have asked for. First, “Dope,” then “Fun Boys,” then “Attack on Bangtan.” My word! I thought I was spent from their previous 20 songs, but nope! Their energy was infectious!

Seeing “Dope” live and in person was a dream come true! Wow, do I love that choreography. I mean, it’s everything! Difficult, intricate, playful, sexy, cute…and did I say “sexy?” Okay, I did, but it deserves to be said twice. Aagh! It was so good! Jimin was so ridiculously irresistible during this, and Jungkook absolutely killed the choreo! Killed it! That kid is super talented.

“Fun Boys” continued the party. V and J-Hope steal this song. Their voices are so fabulous, all playful and animated. The whole audience sang and bounced to the song, practically drowning out the boys’ vocals. The vibe was crazy-fun and the audience was hyped. Just what I love in a great concert.

When “Attack on Bangtan” began, I knew the end was coming. That’s their signature finale song, and so the sadness started creeping in. It was fun to see this live, just like it always is, but the song signaled the end of my time with my favorite boys. I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want them to leave. But as the song was winding down, I knew this magical night was over, like the clock striking midnight for Cinderella.

The boys all said their final goodbyes as “I Need U” started playing in the background. As all seven boys waved and threw hearts, the audience belted out the lyrics to “I Need U.” As each boy left the stage, we all continued to sing. Even as the music ended, we all sang. No music was necessary. It was beautiful to hear.

We all stood there—the entire audience—stunned. The house lights came on and we still didn’t want to leave. Some fans hugged, others squealed, and others cried, overwhelmed by what we had just experienced. I turned to Jennifer, exhausted but exhilarated. We hugged like we had just gone through a life-changing event and came out of it better people than before.

I was so happy I got to see Bangtan with Jennifer. She is one of the best fangirls I know because she really knows how to live in the moment. She loves the music, loves the boys, and knows how to have fun. We danced and sang and squealed like teenagers (especially over Jimin) and didn’t care who saw us. I enjoyed having her to fangirl with.

Because I didn’t want to leave Jennifer just yet, I decided to linger in the venue as long as I could, while waiting for her to have her hi-touch with the boys, which she had luckily won. I admit, I was a teeny bit jealous, even as I was ridiculously happy for her. I mean, she was gonna touch my boys!

As I hung back, along the wall near the restrooms, I was pleased that security was allowing me to stay there. They were ushering everyone else out who didn’t have hi-touch privileges, but they didn’t question my presence there! I guess it pays to be an older fan sometimes!

As I waited, I noticed an open door, to the far left of the stage. I was about 50 feet away, so I had a clear view of the doorway. I could see a few male figures, standing together. Immediately, I recognized Jimin’s red hair and Suga’s platinum blond. Oh gawd. It was the boys!

I stood there, trying not to shake or squeal, wondering if I should bring out my phone to record them. After a few failed tries with fumbling fingers, I decided recording would not be successful. So I stood there, facing them from a distance, and standing there alone.

I don’t remember the order they came out in, but I remember the waves. Jimin saw me and waved, before I could wave at him! Then Rap Monster waved and nodded, like a quick, little bow as he walked. Then Jungkook came out and I may have squeak-yelped his name because I think I heard some kind of alien noise coming from me. And he looked my way and waved so I’m pretty sure he heard that alien noise too. Good thing it was dark and he was far because my face was probably red. No, not probably.

The screams were deafening once people saw the boys walking out into the hi-touch area. I stood by the wall as the boys lined up in front of their huge TRB poster, awaiting the hi-touch. I stood there, watching all these lucky people get their seconds of precious time with the boys. Some girls broke down the minute they came away from the line, and I could understand the emotions completely.

BTS has flustered, befuddled, and bewitched me forever. I am forever devoted to them. They are hands down my favorite group. I love other groups too, some I hold very fondly to my heart, but there is just something about BTS. They are very special to me. It’s so hard to explain, but they have left an indelible impression on me.

And The Red Bullet was one amazing concert. I am so happy I was fortunate enough to attend. The ticket was hard to come by, but I would go through the ticket-buying stress a thousand more times just to see them again. Three times seeing them in person so far, and hopefully countless more to come.

Thank you, readers, for enduring this two-part, super-long fan account. Now I have something for you! For patiently reading over 3,000 words of my rambling, I am holding a giveaway!

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Good luck, everyone!

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