Getting things adjusted


Hi, guys! Remember me? It’s been way too long. Honestly, I haven’t had the energy to keep this blog up the way it was initially intended to be run.

So, with that said, I will be making lots of changes on here. It will still have a Kpop focus, but it may only be one group. If you know me, you know who that group is. And I’ll be putting other stuff up on here, like personal things, fiction I’ve been writing, photos I’ve been taking, and so forth.

Basically, the entire blog will change. Along with a new name. I just haven’t decided what it will be yet. I’m still me: fangirl for life. I just want to show you more of me than just my fangirl side. But don’t worry, when I fangirl, I will still give it my 100%. You just may get sick of me and my fangirling now that I’ve given myself permission to focus on one group!

I have lots of ideas, and now I have more time to execute them. I’m excited! If you followed me for only Kpop, and multi-fandom Kpop especially, I hope my change doesn’t disappoint you. I just want to be authentic to me. I’m evolving, my life is changing, and I want to honor that.

Thanks to long-time followers for supporting me all these years, and for putting up with my sporadic posting. I promise I’ll be more active. And I’ll make it fun, because it will be something I’m passionate about. And passion is always a good thing, right?

Thanks again and watch this space for a new look! Please excuse the mess during construction. I’ll be up and running soon!