I heard him

I heard him sing and I melted. The beautiful lilt ascending over the background music. The soft, silky tones caressing the notes. The twinkling falsetto ringing clear and bright.

I heard him laugh and I smiled. The snide, little snicker while he covers his mouth. The hearty guffaw as he doubles over and holds his sides. The ebullient chuckle as he throws his head back and squeezes his eyes shut.

I heard him speak and I swooned. The boyish crack of youth as he overcame his shyness. The squeak in his usual tenor as he teases the older members. The masculine huskiness that betrays his baby face.

I heard his voice right when I needed it–a voice that filled the emptiness, permitted passion, and brought me the joy I craved. I hear his voice now, as I heard it then…and it’s still my favorite sound.


Daily Prompt: Heard

Picture credit: Big Hit Entertainment