You Never Walk Alone MV Teasers

So, this happened:


Two days in a row, actually:


Today and yesterday, BTS released two teasers for singles off their upcoming album WINGS Extended – You Never Walk Alone: one for the emotional song “Spring Day” and the other for what will undoubtedly become my go-to banger of the year “Not Today.”

These boys do not disappoint and I am insanely excited to hear both of these songs in their entirety. BTS haven’t been away too long, having released their second full album WINGS in October 2016, but I’ve missed them! There is nothing better than hearing a new release by BTS.

The music videos look great too, from what was revealed of them. “Spring Day” especially is so beautiful, with vivid colors and lush outdoor scenes. But the muted hues of “Not Today” look ominous and ethereal, a great contrast to the coloring of “Spring Day.”

I can’t wait for the release of both music videos. “Spring Day” is scheduled for a February 13th release, to coincide with the album drop, and “Not Today” will be released on February 20th.

Speaking of the album dropping, have you ordered your copies yet? It comes in two versions, with two different photobook concepts. According to the Gaon music chart of South Korea, equivalent to the U.S. Billboard chart, this extension of the WINGS album has exceeded 700,000 pre-orders, surpassing the original WINGS album. Proud of my boys!

You can get your copy here. And if you want to help get them on the Billboard charts, don’t forget to stream the new singles on Spotify and buy the singles on iTunes.

Which of the two singles are you looking forward to most? Are you all about the theories and storylines BTS’ music videos inspire or are you just here for the music? Let me know in the comments below!