2! 3! Better Days with Bangtan

Just a few more days until I see my boys, BTS, live in concert. They had two successful sold-out shows in Newark, NJ last week, will perform tomorrow night in Chicago, and then they’ll be on their way to me in Anaheim, CA for two nights.

I’m so excited to see my seven special men. I saw them last year at KCon, where they performed a few songs, but this time it’s a full concert! I haven’t had a full concert from them since July 2015. This time they’ll be performing songs off their newest albums, Wings and the Wings repackage You Never Walk Alone.

cr: Big Hit Ent.

It will be amazing finally hearing them perform these songs live for us, but I’m actually more excited about something we the fans do for them. I can’t wait to be part of their beautiful rainbow ocean–when the entire audience of the sold-out arena holds up their official lightsticks in an array of colors according to their location in the venue. My location will be the purple section of the rainbow.

bts rainbow ocean
The rainbow ocean at the Newark concert (cr: @BTS_twt)

I love that my color will purple, since the idea of this rainbow ocean project on the US leg of the tour stemmed from the original purple ocean made by the fans in Korea last November. Their idea was to make what would resemble a purple flower path for our boys, a road for BTS and their fans (called A.R.M.Y) to walk together. Member V (Taehyung) now equates the color purple with “love”, even using it in messages to fans, like “I purple you.” Because of V, purple in the fandom now means love, as in an extra, excessive amount of love.

screencap purple ocean
The purple ocean by Korean A.R.M.Y (screencap, cr: fansim)

The colorful oceans, either purple or rainbow, are displayed during a special moment of the show: when BTS sings the song they wrote for the fandom, “2! 3! (Still Wishing for Better Days).” The song’s lyrics are so emotional and heartwarming, letting the fans know that BTS will always be here for us, during both good and bad times. And that’s what the colorful oceans are for BTS from us. Our rainbow and purple oceans let BTS know that we will be here for them, through the good and the bad.

It’s okay come on when I say one two three forget it
Erase all sad memories
Hold my hand and smile

Here is video of the original purple ocean, with the fans singing to our boys. I’m currently brushing up on my Korean pronunciation so I can also sing along at the Anaheim shows this week, if I don’t bawl my eyes out while trying.

I’m so thankful for these boys. They really have given me better days. Every day. And I can’t wait to let them know how much I “purple” them.

video cr: lilu 1306 via YouTube

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