Quick Appreciation Post: BTS – Dope (Sick)

"Dope" (also translated as "Sick") is Bangtan's follow-up single to the popular "I Need U", and it's such a great song! One of my favorites off the mini-album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, pt. 1, "Dope" is just sexy, slinky and fun. But do you know what's even better than the awesome song? The… Continue reading Quick Appreciation Post: BTS – Dope (Sick)

Quick Appreciation Post: Christmas songs

Christmas. Ugh!!!! Don't get me wrong. I love the idea of Christmas: winter wonderland, festive lights, beautiful tree, glad tidings and good will toward mankind and all that. But the reality of Christmas leaves a whole lot to be desired! Stressful shopping, angry drivers, spending way more than you want to on gifts, people being… Continue reading Quick Appreciation Post: Christmas songs

Quick Appreciation Post: HIGH4 – Headache

Yet another rookie group has turned my head. What is it about the rookies this year? This time it's HIGH4 with Headache. I'm obsessed with this song right now. It's so cute! The music is so retro! It reminds me of being a baby teenager and loving New Edition. It's just so 1983! Yes, I… Continue reading Quick Appreciation Post: HIGH4 – Headache

Quick Appreciation Post: TARGET – Please Love Me

  My friend ZombieMamma turned me on to this song last week and I really have to thank her because I LOVE IT! TARGET is a brand-new group and their first song is called "Please Love Me." Apparently it's a pre-debut single. I've never quite understood the concept of a "pre-debut." It's not really a… Continue reading Quick Appreciation Post: TARGET – Please Love Me

Quick Appreciation Post #5: The One and Only G-Dragon

Editor's Note: Sue here! I'd like to introduce Jen. She's my bestie in cyber and real life, and she's also a fan of K-Pop! I'd like to take credit for that, by the way. 🙂 Jen is going to be a regular author on here now, so please give her a warm welcome! Let's read… Continue reading Quick Appreciation Post #5: The One and Only G-Dragon

Quick Appreciation Post #4: B1A4

18 days until KCON! I'm so excited! If you bought your tickets for Saturday's concert, then you will be seeing these boys with me! B1A4! Woohoo! And they have a new song to promote! Solo Day was released last week and I've been listening to it almost non-stop! It's such a cute song! Reminds me… Continue reading Quick Appreciation Post #4: B1A4

Quick Appreciation Post #3: TEEN TOP

Today is one month until KCON2014! Woohoo! Are you going? Did you get the tickets you wanted? I didn't. But that's for another time, another rant. 🙂 Anyhoo...today we are appreciating the lovely boys of Teen Top! They'll be performing at KCON and I can't wait! I consider myself a novice to the charms of… Continue reading Quick Appreciation Post #3: TEEN TOP

Quick Appreciation Post #2: Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young will be performing at KCON in August and if you don't know him, you really should. He's a 25-year-old rock singer/song-writer who can play guitar, violin and piano, and knows 5 languages. Wow. I feel like a slug now. 🙂 My teen daughter is the one who turned me on to Jung… Continue reading Quick Appreciation Post #2: Jung Joon Young

Quick Appreciation Post #1: Bangtan Boys

I'm starting a new little segment on here. From now until KCON (August 9th), I'll be giving quick shout-outs to some of my favorite groups who'll be performing! Let's start with Bangtan Boys because, why not? I love Bangtan Boys soooooooooo much! And this was one of the first videos that made me fall in… Continue reading Quick Appreciation Post #1: Bangtan Boys