Highlight Tour in San Francisco – A Personal Rant

Usually I don't post anything negative, ugly, or controversial on this blog. I don't partake in drama, and I generally don't like to attack someone when they're already being pummeled by everyone else. But in this case, I have to join in on the pummeling because it's been over a week since I saw my… Continue reading Highlight Tour in San Francisco – A Personal Rant

A Fangirl’s Concert Recap: The Wanted HOB Anaheim

The Wanted at House of Blues Anaheim

Tuesday night was quite possibly the very last time I will ever see The Wanted perform as a full unit. As a rabid member of the TWFanmily, a staunch fangirl, and a music lover, this fact makes me sad. Though I knew the end of the group was coming ("the end" is, after all, inevitable--in… Continue reading A Fangirl’s Concert Recap: The Wanted HOB Anaheim

Do you want to build a snowman…with my frozen tears of happiness?

Now that the craziness of the last few days is winding down, I can let you all know how the concert was. It was AMAZING! B.A.P Live on Earth: Los Angeles Attack was an attack on my bias list! Disclaimer: I am a huge Jongup fan. Monster huge. I love the kid so much I… Continue reading Do you want to build a snowman…with my frozen tears of happiness?

B.A.P Concert and A New Giveaway!

Hi, everyone! I'm still on a concert high from the B.A.P show last night! Best fan service I've received since my boys The Wanted. I still can't believe I was so close to B.A.P last night! Anyway...I'm in the midst of uploading all my video, so I will have a concert recap in the next… Continue reading B.A.P Concert and A New Giveaway!

NKOTW – Lee Taemin

Last weekend, Los Angeles had the fortune of hosting the KBS Open Concert as part of the LA Korea Festival...and I had the fortune of attending. SQUEE! For weeks leading up to the concert, I mentally prepared myself to see my favorite idols in person. Some of my favorite groups were gonna be there: SHINee,… Continue reading NKOTW – Lee Taemin


Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a pair of tickets for B.A.P's concert at Nokia Theatre this Tuesday, April 22nd. But I already had a pair of tickets! This is where you come in. I am giving away my tickets! That's right. Two tickets to B.A.P are up for grabs. I'm giving them away… Continue reading GIVEAWAY Contest – B.A.P TICKETS FOR LOE LOS ANGELES!!!!