The Daily Squee: V Sings a Cover!

Hello, lovely readers! It's been a while! The holidays are finally almost over and I have time to squee right before this crazy year ends. Who will I squee about today? V! Tae Hyung from Bangtan Boys! Woohoo! If you've read me at all, you know about my crazy, irrational love for this kid. He… Continue reading The Daily Squee: V Sings a Cover!

The Daily Squee – Moonchul from Royal Pirates

I heard this all last night. Seriously. On repeat. It helped me fall asleep. Or maybe it didn't. I forced myself to stay awake just to listen to it in my dark and quiet solitude. This was released a few days ago, but I found it yesterday and my life found new meaning. Okay. Maybe… Continue reading The Daily Squee – Moonchul from Royal Pirates


Okay. Okay. I know I've had these boys before as my Noona Killers of the Week. But, come on! Have you seen them?! Last night these fabulous boys killed me with a performance on M! Countdown's 10th Anniversary Special, and I realized I shouldn't suffer alone. You all must suffer along too. So here it… Continue reading NKOTW – GOT7