K-Pop Rewind: Favorite Singles of 2014 – Male Edition

Happy New Year! Yes, it's now 2015. The first few days into the new year. A time for renewal, reflection...and rewinding that 2014 K-Pop playlist! I had a load of favorite songs last year--singles and non-singles alike. Despite the crazy, heart-breaking, scandal-filled year, there was some fantastic music! So much so, I felt compelled to… Continue reading K-Pop Rewind: Favorite Singles of 2014 – Male Edition

VIXX says “Goodbye” to Eternity

This morning, I woke up to a beautiful, but bittersweet, sight. My gorgeous boys in VIXX released a video for Starlights. They've officially ended promotions for their fabulous song, Eternity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI6__jcLdc0 This era seemed to go by so quickly! I loved everything about this era: the concept, the song, the choreography, the suits, the hair… Continue reading VIXX says “Goodbye” to Eternity

1st Win for VIXX – Eternity

Just a quick post to congratulate my boys VIXX on their first music show win for their 4th single, Eternity. Woohoo! Congratulations, boys! I'm so happy for you all! You and your loving Starlights did it together. We won for you and you won for us. VIXX won last night on Inkigayo and I think… Continue reading 1st Win for VIXX – Eternity

Thank you, VIXX, for being perfect!

Pardon my fangirling but...VIXX released the dance version of their music video for Eternity today! Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my keyboard (or is that drool?). Okay. All better. So, basically, what we have here is total and complete perfection. Not even exaggerating. With this new dance version of what already was… Continue reading Thank you, VIXX, for being perfect!

Song of the Week: VIXX – Eternity

Aagh!!!! This is what I was waiting for! I'm so excited for Eternity. It absolutely had to be my Song of the Week! Not only did VIXX's 4th single, Eternity, come out this week, but so did the video! And the MV is a marvel. It's beautifully shot, in a gorgeous room full of cogged… Continue reading Song of the Week: VIXX – Eternity

NKOTW – VIXX Eternity Comeback!!!

Over the weekend, I was greeted with just about the best news ever: VIXX is making a comeback with their 4th single, Eternity! I'd been seeing the rumors and news blurbs that VIXX would come back at the end of May, but now I see the truth with my very own--very excited--eyes! You know how… Continue reading NKOTW – VIXX Eternity Comeback!!!