Winner of the B.A.P First Sensibility CD!!

It's announcement time! There were 17 entries for this giveaway. Thank you, all! I asked you all to send me a picture of your B.A.P bias, and you did not disappoint! Here are the pictures you all sent. Gorgeous, right? Anyway, before I announce the winner, some of you asked who MY bias in B.A.P… Continue reading Winner of the B.A.P First Sensibility CD!!

B.A.P First Sensibility CD for you to win!

It's been one week since I saw the absolutely incredible, incredibly amazing, amazingly perfect B.A.P! Eep! The concert was amazing! If you haven't read my recap, you can read it here! Anyway, prior to the concert, in an attempt to test the fickle gods of luck, I purchased a few First Sensibility CDs. 100 high… Continue reading B.A.P First Sensibility CD for you to win!