My Thoroughly Biased Halloween K-Pop Playlist

So, Halloween is a pretty big deal at my house. With siblings and nieces and nephews and parents and friends and friends of friends coming over at all hours of the night, it makes for one busy holiday! It takes weeks of preparation, with this final week being the busiest! Hence, my lack of posting.… Continue reading My Thoroughly Biased Halloween K-Pop Playlist

Girl Crush: f(x) – Red Light

I've been crazy busy these past few days and it's kept me from doing what I love doing best: fangirling! Because of my unavoidable busyness, I haven't had the chance, until now, to write about the most beautiful video I have ever seen in my entire existence! (Yes, I love hyperbole.) I'm talking about this… Continue reading Girl Crush: f(x) – Red Light

My Incomplete, Work-in-Progress List of Favorite K-Pop Songs

Here's a list of some of my favorite K-pop songs. It's incomplete, not in any order, and I'll continue to add more as I go along, but for now you can peek into my little warehouse of favorites. Look for additional entries on my About Me page, once I add more. See if we have… Continue reading My Incomplete, Work-in-Progress List of Favorite K-Pop Songs