K-Pop Rewind: Favorite Singles of 2014 – Male Edition

Happy New Year! Yes, it's now 2015. The first few days into the new year. A time for renewal, reflection...and rewinding that 2014 K-Pop playlist! I had a load of favorite songs last year--singles and non-singles alike. Despite the crazy, heart-breaking, scandal-filled year, there was some fantastic music! So much so, I felt compelled to… Continue reading K-Pop Rewind: Favorite Singles of 2014 – Male Edition

My Summer Road Trip Playlist

I'm leaving soon on a mini-vacation. A little road trip for a few days. Not too long; around 1000 miles round-trip. But my one requirement for every good road trip? Good music, of course! This is my current summer playlist. The songs I'll be listening to as I make my way down the highway next… Continue reading My Summer Road Trip Playlist

Song of the Week: C-Clown – Let’s Love

They did it. Finally. After almost two years of my resistance, C-Clown finally wore me down. I've tried not to like them. No, not just "try." I actively refused to like them. And, honestly, it was only due to their name. I hate clowns with a passion. They scare me to absolute death!! So, why… Continue reading Song of the Week: C-Clown – Let’s Love