My Summer Road Trip Playlist

I'm leaving soon on a mini-vacation. A little road trip for a few days. Not too long; around 1000 miles round-trip. But my one requirement for every good road trip? Good music, of course! This is my current summer playlist. The songs I'll be listening to as I make my way down the highway next… Continue reading My Summer Road Trip Playlist

Half Year Top 10 Favorites of 2014!

Can you believe half the year is over already?! Where did the first six months of 2014 go? I guess I was too busy fangirling to realize that today is now July and I'm thismuch closer to Christmas (shudder). How about we just ignore that fact for a bit, and focus on the past six… Continue reading Half Year Top 10 Favorites of 2014!

Mamamoo’s Mr. Ambiguous – Cute! OMG I die!

I think I found a new girl group to love! Mamamoo! Oh my gawd, these girls can SANG! Mamamoo just debuted their song Mr. Ambiguous, and the single's accompanying video is adorable! I'm so in love with the costumes and the 1960s feel. Aagh! Everything about this video is perfect. Right down to the amazing… Continue reading Mamamoo’s Mr. Ambiguous – Cute! OMG I die!