SHINee’s Back and My Heart is Happy Again

Something happened today. Something I didn't expect to see. Something that caught me completely by surprise. And it's amazing! Onew is back and healthy and SHINee is making a comeback! Woohoo! Okay, so it's a Japanese release and not Korean. That's fine. I'll take what I can get when it comes to SHINee. I might… Continue reading SHINee’s Back and My Heart is Happy Again

My K-Pop Biases: a never-ending list

So, I really like a lot of male idols. I mean A LOT. But on this page, I narrowed it down to my absolute favorites. Yes, “favorites”, as it's too much to ask of a fangirl to choose only one member per group! This list is not in order, except for the Ultimate Biases. I… Continue reading My K-Pop Biases: a never-ending list