Second Biases

If you are a fangirl (or fanboy), I can almost guarantee you have a bias. You may even have a bias in a number of groups. But do you have a second bias from each group? A second bias? Yes. He's that one boy in the group who tries your patience and makes you doubt… Continue reading Second Biases

My Infinite Love for INFINITE

It's a blessing and a curse to be an INFINITE stan. A blessing, because they're ridiculously active, so it's easy to see them in everything they do. A curse, because when you're an obsessive fangirl like me, it's easy to see them in everything YOU do! Such was the case yesterday, when I reviewed TROY's… Continue reading My Infinite Love for INFINITE

Song of the Week: Troy – Why Are We?

Oh happy day! This song is already on US iTunes and guess who bought it? Me! Oh my gawd. I can't stop listening to it! It's so good! Troy is back again and better than ever! They debuted in March of this year with Green Light, which I loved, but this new song? Aagh! It… Continue reading Song of the Week: Troy – Why Are We?

NKOTW (Birthday boy edition): Kim Sungkyu

Well, it's that time again! Time for another installment of Noona Killer of the Week!  Actually, it was time a couple days ago, but I wanted to wait for today. is Kim Sungkyu's birthday! Woo hoo! Happy Birthday, Gyu! For those who may not know, Sungkyu (or Sunggyu, the more common spelling) is the… Continue reading NKOTW (Birthday boy edition): Kim Sungkyu