SHINee’s Back and My Heart is Happy Again

Something happened today. Something I didn't expect to see. Something that caught me completely by surprise. And it's amazing! Onew is back and healthy and SHINee is making a comeback! Woohoo! Okay, so it's a Japanese release and not Korean. That's fine. I'll take what I can get when it comes to SHINee. I might… Continue reading SHINee’s Back and My Heart is Happy Again

NKOTW – Devil Maknaes

Something has been getting at me for a long time now. Something evil and sinister. Something addictive and irresistible. Something I can't ignore any longer. And you should be warned. This thing that's infected me is subversive and stealth in its evil charms. It worms its way into your life, steals your heart...and then runs… Continue reading NKOTW – Devil Maknaes

Top 5: K-Pop Chair Dances (Male Edition)

Well, they did it. That group who inexplicably sends me into orbit when they so much as breathe? EXO? Yeah, them. They did it again. They have fulfilled one of my many dreams for them: THEY DID A CHAIR DANCE. And I'm a happy, happy mama. They performed a special stage on M! Countdown of… Continue reading Top 5: K-Pop Chair Dances (Male Edition)

NKOTW – Lee Taemin

Last weekend, Los Angeles had the fortune of hosting the KBS Open Concert as part of the LA Korea Festival...and I had the fortune of attending. SQUEE! For weeks leading up to the concert, I mentally prepared myself to see my favorite idols in person. Some of my favorite groups were gonna be there: SHINee,… Continue reading NKOTW – Lee Taemin