The Mind of a VIXX Fangirl — in 30 seconds

Just so you know, I should have posted this a couple of days ago, when the actual teaser came out. I had it all ready to go, but life got in the way. Funny how motherhood, marriage, and household duties get in the way of important things like fangirling. Let that be a warning to… Continue reading The Mind of a VIXX Fangirl — in 30 seconds

Is Winner finally debuting?!

Okay. Who's excited for WINNER's debut? ME! That's who! Yes! I think YG Entertainment may finally be releasing these boys to us! To which I say, "Thank you, YG!" These boys are YG Entertainment's new five-member group, who were introduced to us on their own reality show "YG's Win: Who Is Next." The members include… Continue reading Is Winner finally debuting?!